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Parsha B'Shalach

Moishe Splitting Sea


Purchase Crayola non-hardening modeling clay from WalMart package is enough for 3 children.for about a dollar. Obtain tissue box, blue and brown contruction paper, glitter, Elmers glue, scissors, and crayons or markers..


Cut blue construction paper to fit the two long sides of the tissue box. Fold paper in half along the legnth and unfold it, this will make the paper stick out from the walls (see picture). Glue paper to the walls along the top border only and the bottom border so the walls "billow".Cut out green fish and glue to the top half of the blue costruction paper. Drizzle glue also along walls in different designs and sprinkle on glitter. Cut out a swath of brown construction paper to glue on to the floor of the tissue box.With clay form little white balls to form the heads of the chracters and make the clay into cylinders to make their bodies (see picture). The clay figutres dont have to be so elaborate, and Moishe Rabbeinu is fun to make! Back wall of tissue box should be colored with a desert theme showing the land that they have left. Place the characters in the box to make a beautiful scene! PS: This project can also be made with paper figures instead of clay, just draw figures on paper, color, cut out, glue figures standing up by folding the paper at the very botttom of the figures and gluing the base.