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The Haggadah


Purchase foam sheets, package of "Safari Animals", "Foam Hands", "Foam Sea Creatures" , "Foam Frogs", "Foam Dragonflies", lace, feather, birthday candle, fish stickers, small pompoms, gold and aluminum foil, ring binders, red glitter,from ACMoore. Use of glue gun, hole puncher, gold writing paint, and Elmers glue.


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Finished project

In the top picture, where each page is shown, left corner, the picture of the boils on the hand were made out of hole punches from the foam sheets.In the picture in the upper right corner, the lice were the crabs from the package of sea creatures All the foam sheets were cut to about 4x4 inches. On then next picture down, the kiddish cups were cut out, the seder plate was made of lace and a pompom was used for the egg. Multicolred foam was used for the pyramid picture and the Pesach letters (purchased at WalMart). Anything glued to foam must be done by glue gun.

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In the top picture, left hand corner, on the foam sheet glue a picture of children or draw them and put fish stickers around the picture, this is the splitting of the sea. In the top picture in the center, is a picture of the Bais HaMikdash cut out of gold foil.Letters are written with gold writing paint. In the next picture down, upper right corner, cut out circles of aluminum foil, glue on foam sheet with glue gun, and on foil circles glue on red glitter with Elmers glue. Dragonflies are the locusts, and the figure of the man is cut out or drawn .Connect all pages of Haggadah with ring binders. All of these pages are just suggestions, use your imagination to create beautiful Haggadahs!