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Parsha Vayikra Salt Shaker

Materials and Instructions:

Purchase a clear pepper grinder/salt shaker (I purchased the one shown in the picture at Dollar Tree store), have use of glue, crayons, and paper.Cut out a piece of paper to fit in the salt shaker.

According to the Midrash, When Hashem said what the Karbonos would be made up of, the ocean complained that it was not included. Hashem said that He would include the ocean by commanding all the sacrafices include salt, which is a major component of the ocean. In this parsha Vayikra, perek 2,pasuk 13 Hashem makes this commandment that Karbonos should be salted. The first part of the command was put across the top of paper that is to be inserted into the salt shaker and the bottom of the paper has the ocean colored on it. Our Table that we eat at is considered like a Mizbayach and therefore this Salt Shaker will add a lot of meaning to our meals.