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The "Hands-On- Haggadah"

The "Hands-on-Haggadah" is a fun project that places the child in Egypt! The child has "remedies" and "souvenirs" from the experience of learning the Haggadah!

Materials: Pocket Organizers purchased at Walmart, each package costs $1.54 and has 16 pockets enough for 1 student. A loose leaf folder to hold the pockets can also be purchased at WalMart for 82 cents. Markers, animal stickers, fish stickers, ant stickers and hand stickers and dragon fly stickers ( all stickers can be found in WalMart or ACMoore) and cheese cloth, candles, plastic spoons, feathers, Q-tips, old-fashioned clothes pins, colored wrapping paper, packages of miniature plastic frogs and snakes, plastic fish and sea shells, usually found at a dollar store, popsicle sticks, Velcro dots, construction paper, and use of glue gun and regular glue. All these materials are not mandatory and not all the pages are necessary.and , use these ideas and your imagination! Below you will find pictures of the pocket pages. Each page of the Haggadah has a pocket to hold a "hands-on-item" for the child to hold and enjoy! Each picture will be numbered so you can see the order of the pages! You may click on all the pictures to enlarge.

1) Bedikas Chametz

A candle, spoon and feather are put into the pocket.

3) Moishe and his staff

Plastic miniature snake is put into the pocket. The sign says"Moishe Rabbeinu turns his staff into a snake" Staff, a popsicle stick, can be "velcroed" to the hand and put into pocket and snake is taken out.


5) Plague of Blood

This page does not require a pocket. Red cellophane makes the river Nile. The sign says "The Nile River filled with Blood".


7) Lice

The pocket is filled with ant stickers on an index card. The sign says "Freeze Dried Egyptian Lice".


9) Boils

These page does not require a pocket. Children may trace their hand. Two Q-tips are glued on to the page along with Vaseline in a sandwich bag. The sign says "Boil Ointment".

10) The Hail Page

Red cellophane glued on to foil to symbolize the fire and ice in the hail. This is glued on to the page and put into the pockets. The sign says " Freeze Dried Hail".



13) Death of First Born

Two Doll Pins wrapped in cheese cloth with a face drawn on it are put into the pocket. The sign says "Shrunken Egyptian First Born Mummies".


15) King David's Harp

This page represents Hallel. A crown is glued to the page made from anything fancy you can find or just draw it. David's Harp made of pipecleaners goes into the pocket (see picture of the harp in upper left corner).





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2) Simonim of the Seder

In these two pages pockets are not needed.

4) "We Were Slaves"

Paper is folded into triangles to be put into the pocket. The sign says "Ancient Shrunken Pyramids"



6) Frogs

Plastic miniature frogs fill the pocket and the sign says "Ancient Egyptian Nile Frogs ( pre-shrunken).


8) Wild Animals and Cattle Disease

Both these pages do not need pockets. The Wild Animal page is covered with animal stickers. The Cattle Disease page has cattle skulls drawn on it.


11) Locusts

This page does not require a pocket. Dragonfly stickers and foam dragon -flies are glued and a re velcroed to the page. The sign says "Hungry Egyptian Locusts".


12) Darkness

Hand stickers on an index card go into the pocket and are glued on to the page on black construction paper. The sign says " Freeze Dried Egyptian Hands Of Darkness".


14) Splitting of the Sea

Two strips of blue construction paper are glued to the page with fish stickers on them. Plastic miniature fish and shells are put into the pockets. The sign says " Freeze Dried Shrunken Sea Shells and Fish.


16) Next Year In Jerusalem!

Use gold marker or foil to make the Bais HaMikdash.