Kinderlach, I am going to visit the Bitsy family and my good friend Itsy Bitsy. Please come with me I always learn something new from my travels. Itsy got married and moved to a state called South Dakota to help the Jews connect to Yiddishkeit.. I only knew Itsy before he was married. I heard they are the only religious family for miles!

Shalom Itsy!!

I brought some students from Torah Palace with me.


Shalom Rabbi, and Torah Palace students! Let me introduce you to my wife Mitsy.

Itsy and Mitsy Bitsy, what beautiful couple! So tell me how have you been all these years?

Baruch Hashem, we have grown children and have a nice little community.

How did you do it?

It wasn't easy!

Kinderlach lets show Rabbi Itsy Bitsy and his wife Mitsy how well we have learned about Chanukah by answering a few questions.

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What day of the week does Chanukah start this year?

What time of the day do we light the Chanukah Menorah and why at this time?

Where do you place the Chanukah Menorah and why?

How many brochos do we say before we light the Chanukah Menorah on the first night and what are they?

(just write the last words)

What brochos do we say after the first time?

How do we place the candles or wicks on the menorah (left to right or right to left)?

How do we light the candles or wicks (right to left or left to right)?

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