Hi my name is Yossi. I am visiting Spain with my family. Spain is filled with Jewish History. There are many great scholars from Spain. Also, unfortunately, Spain has had the terrible inquisition, where Jews had to keep their Jewishness a secret even in their own homes! Many secret customs came from these hidden Jews. Anyway, today my family is visiting the Toledo synagogue of Shmuel Halevi Abulafia called the El Transito Synagogue. Shmuel Halevi was a advisor to the King of Castille, a major province in Spain. The king liked Shmuel so much that he let him build a beautiful synagogue by his house so he would not have to travel far to pray. Unfortunately events took a turn for the worse and the King had Shmuel beheaded!!! This beautiful synagogue was taken over by the king and during the inquisition changed into a church (r"l)! Today the Synagogue's building has been restored and a beautiful Jewish museum has been connected to it.

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