Kinderlach, I am at this very strange cave entrance in the state of Idaho, in order to meet with Professor Gukenbopper. He developed a machine that can instantly move objects to another place!! Professor Gukenbopper said I should meet with him now. His secret research center is in this cave, let's go in!


Oh goodie, You are the Torah Palace Rabbi. So nice to meet you! I have called you here because I want your professional opinion. The machine behind me is my amazing "move it" machine that can move anything from one place to another in seconds!! I have always had a special feeling for the Jewish people and always was thinking of a way to help them. I have a solution to rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem! I know the story of Chanukah and how the Jews miraculously took back their holy temple. Ever since then you have had trouble holding on to to your temple. I have the answer!!! I just purchased thousands of acres in the state of Idaho and I will move the Temple mount there and I will leave the Arabs their temple in Israel. The holy Temple Mount will be safe and the Jews will have full control of it. You can rebuild your temple and have a Happy Chanukah! Let go outside and let me show you your land (scroll down).


Wow!! Professor Gukenbopper, this is a huge amount of land, but I do not think this is going to work. Hashem gave us the land of Israel as his special gift for us. Everyday we pray toward the Temple to the place Hashem gave us. No other nation can truthfully claim that Hashem directly gave their land to them. If any other nation truly was given their land as a gift from Hashem they would feel very privaledged.The Jewish peopled should feel very special that Hashem gave them this gift. We can not give our gift away!


Jews from all over the world would have to figure out where Idaho is and try to imagine that as there homeland! Our Passover Hagadahs would have to be changed to "Next Year In Idaho!". The gift of our land would not be forever or G-dly but would be from you and the great state of Idaho!

Chanukah is about the Jewish people rededicating the Temple in the land that Hashem gave us, in the land of Israel!

Kinderlach, Help me teach professor Gukenbopper about Chanukah!



About 200 years after the destruction of the First Temple, The Greeks tried to make the whole world go according to their ways. Everything had to make sense. They tried to force the Jewish people to only do mitzvahs that made sense. We don't do the Torah because it makes sense We follow the Torah because that is the will of Hashem! A group of Jews decided to fight against the Greeks, who was their leader? What phrase from Torah did they scream as they charged into battle?

What does the Menorah lighting in the synagogue symbolize?

After several battles this group of Jews took back the temple. Explain the well known miracle that took place.

What type of foods do we eat on Chanukah and why?

What is the meaning of the name Chanukah?

Every day of Chanukah we read from the Torah. All these Torah portions are talking about one basic thing, What is it and why?

What prayer do we say on Chanukah in the "Amida" and the "Grace after Meals"?

What prayer do we say on Chanukah after the Amida?

What do we say on Chanukah after we light the Menorah?

How long must we watch the Menorah after we light it?

What game do people play while watching the Menorah and how did this game get started?

How long must our lights on our Menorah last when we light before Shabbos and why?

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